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You might hear voices telling you, “They don’t know what your going through. How do you know if they’re preaching to everyone else except for you. Yeah, that’s true. But is it true for you.” Don’t listen to that. Because the promises in the Bible for us are true and alive. God never drives away those who come to him the bible says. God is FAITHFUL not only to us, other people, and his word. But he is also faithful to you. God is not a man that he should lie. God has all the power in the universe why would he need to waste his time lying to us. If he didn’t care about you he would’ve just let you die. You wouldn’t even be breathing those breaths that he counts from the moment you were born and your lungs took in that first take of oxygen from the ones your taking in right now. He has them numbered from then until now. God isn’t going to break a promise to YOU that he has promised to EVERYBODY. Think about that today. While your at school work doing whatever your doing. Scrolling down, getting out your door, picking up news paper, cashing your check, driving down the freeway whatever the hell your doing just think about that lol. 

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Excited for Dance Moms: Miami!!! 

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Caitlin Kinney

Mia Diaz-Trapped